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Lady Bird Movie Package

The most iconic Sacramento boutique hotel, The Citizen Hotel located in the downtown area, is excited to announce a new opportunity for guests celebrating the success of Sacramento native Greta Gerwigs hit film Lady Bird, showcasing the many local haunts featured in the movie, along with a plethora of cinematic and culinary extras sprinkled throughout. 

Called an open love letter to her hometown, the 1980s backdrop of Gerwigs Sacramento comes to life for cinephiles, travelers, locals and fans alike. To elevate the experience and create a thematic weekend getaway, the package for two includes the following:

  • Parking
  • Lady Bird Cocktail (1st night only)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lady Bird DVD (1st night only)
  • Andys Candy (1st night only)
  • Lady Bird CD (1st night only)
  • Pink hair dye (1st night only)
  • Fujimax (1st night only)
  • Lady Bird stickers (1st night only)
  • Picnic Lunch (2nd day only)
  • Concessions (1st night only)
  • Walking Tour (2ppl)