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Sustainability at The Citizen

The Citizen Hotel is proud to announce that we have earned Environmentalist status from the California Green Lodging Program supported by the California Department of General Services.

Sustainability Practices 

  • Water conserving regulators on all faucets and toilets
  • Eco Lab dishwashers
  • All LED lighting throughout hotel 
  • Recycling bins throughout property
  • 75+ potted plants in the building
  • Sweeping the sidewalks instead of pressure washing
  • Culinary team procures local ingredients whenever possible
  • Unused foods are converted into bio fuel by the vendor
  • Interstate oil fire oil is used and then converted to bio fuel by the vendor

Current Footprints

  • Carbon Footprint: 12.88 kg per room night
  • Water Footprint: 367.92 liters per room night